In this visual age, many authors have turned to “book trailers” (in reality, short films) to promote their new works. Whether such trailers actually help a book’s sales is debatable, but—as I discovered—they sure are fun to make, especially if you’re working with professional filmmakers and talented actors. In my Invasive Species trailer, I aimed to include every thriller trope I could in about two minutes.

The Invasive Species book trailer!

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The Diamond Ruby trailer

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The Filmmakers

Jeff Butcher and Nelle Stokes are a husband-and-wife directing team from New York. Their indie comedy feature debut, Criminals, is about to be released on DVD by Lion Will. Jeff is a director and property master for independent feature leaders John Sayles, Jim Jarmusch, Michel Gondry, and others. Check out the trailer on YouTube. Nelle is an award-winning documentary videographer, teaching artist, and Founding Executive Director of Magic Box Productions, a leading media arts education nonprofit.

Interviews with Joe

Talking about Diamond Ruby with Ben Cheever and Rob Fleder on Pleasantville (NY) Community Television.

Joe's Interview with WETA's "The Book Studio"

Joe chats with Bethanne Patrick of "The WETA Book Studio."

Joe talks about his inspiration for Diamond Ruby in a Simon & Schuster interview.

YouTubeVisit Joe’s YouTube channel for more on Ruby and the world she lived in, including videos of Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, and Roaring Twenties New York City.


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