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Two decades after the fall of civilization, a small band of survivors heads out on the first great exploration of what they call the Next World. The explorers expect to find a planet recovering from the onslaught that brought the human species to the brink of extinction…but what they discover instead is something far darker and more malign. I created this story the spirit of such great post-apocalyptic science fiction novels as John Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids, and I hope Slavemakers will haunt readers as Triffids haunted me. Buy Slavemakers

Invasive Species

This is the way the world ends…at the hands of an unstoppable, fast-spreading threat that will chill you with what award-winning writer David Brin calls its “pulse-pounding plausibility.” Using what I learned during many years as a nonfiction writer specializing in science, medicine, and the environment, I created Invasive Species in the spirit of Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) and other masters of the “it could really happen here” apocalypse. “Invasive Species cost me a perfectly good night’s sleep.” —Bill Ransom, author of Jaguar.Buy Invasive Species

Diamond Ruby

Set in Roaring Twenties New York, Diamond Ruby (my first novel!) pits a teenage girl with a remarkable skill--the ability to throw a baseball faster than almost any man—against rum-runners, the KKK, and others who would stop her from doing what she loves and protecting her family. Check out the novel Library Journal called “a literary gem.” Buy Diamond Ruby

Short Stories

Ice Cold: Tales of Intrigue from the Cold War

The 2014 Mystery Writers of America themed anthology, edited by Jeaffrey Deaver and Raymond Benson, includes stories by Laura Lippman, Sarah Paretsky, Joseph Finder, J.A. Jance...and me. My story “Deep Submergence,” set almost entirely on a tiny submersible, allowed me to write about themes I’d never explored before—one of the great pleasure of writing short stories. Buy now


Best American Mystery Stories 2010

The Best American Mystery Stories 2010

Otto Penzler, series editor of The Best American Mystery Stories anthologies, annually selects fifty stories from the hundreds published that year. He hands the finalists over to each edition’s guest editor, who selects the twenty best for publication. I’m thrilled to announce that Lee Child, this year’s guest editor, selected my story “Custom Sets” (first published in The Prosecution Rests, below) for inclusion. It appears alongside stories by such superb writers as Dennis Lehane and Kurt Vonnegut. Buy now

The Prosecution Rests

The Prosecution Rests

Every year the Mystery Writers of America publishes an anthology. In 2009, the theme was stories set in courtrooms, the book was called The Prosecution Rests, and the editor was former New York prosecutor and best-selling author Linda Fairstein. I’m pleased to say that my story “Custom Sets” appeared beside stories by S.J. Rozan, James Grippando, Angela Zeman, Barbara Parker, and other genre superstars. “Custom Sets” was a blast to write, and is likely the only story in the collection to be set in four separate courtrooms. (Not bad in 4000 words!) Women of Mystery says that “Custom Sets” “will give you the shivers even on a day when it’s eighty five degrees and sunny.”

“A stellar anthology that will appeal both to contemporary noir fans and devotees of Law & Order.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) Buy now

Bronx Noir

Bronx Noir

My story “The Big Five” appears beside terrific works by such literary heroes of mine as S.J. Rozan (the anthology’s editor), Lawrence Block, and Kevin Baker in Bronx Noir. Publishers Weekly loved the collection, saying that it contains “memorable tales of betrayal and despair that reflect the borough’s varied ethnic populations and geography.” The review also praised my story, saying, “The most imaginative entry, Joseph Wallace’s ‘The Big Five,’ about a hunter who targets his prey in the Bronx Zoo as part of a national contest, concludes with a satisfying noir twist.” Buy now

Hard Boiled Brooklyn

Hard Boiled Brooklyn

“Dead Man,” my contribution to this innovative collection, may be the darkest (and trickiest) story I’ve ever written. It joins noir stories by such groundbreaking genre writers as Ken Bruen, Peter Blauner, Maggie Estep, and Tony Spinoza (alter-ego of the book’s editor, Reed Farrel Coleman). Bestselling writer Lee Child said, “My favorite writers on the greatest city in the world…what’s not to love?” while Booklist called my story’s “O. Henry twist on standing up to a childhood bully” one of the collection’s highlights. Buy now

Baltimore Noir

Baltimore Noir

My very first published story, “Liminal,” appeared in this terrific collection beside stories by David Simon (The Wire), Sujata Massey, Tim Cockey, and the collection’s editor, Laura Lippman. Looking back at “Liminal,” I’m struck by how the roots of Diamond Ruby Thomas were already present in Tania Blumen, the brave and determined protagonist of this early story. “Mystery fans should relish this taste of Baltimore’s seamier side,” said Publishers Weekly of this entry in Akashic Books’ ongoing series of city-based noir anthologies. Buy now

Baseball Books

The Grand Old Game

Grand Old Game

This book features 365 rare and spectacular images from the unmatched photo archives of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, one for each day of the year. Inside you’ll find images I guarantee you’ve never seen before: Lou Gehrig posing with the Marx Brothers; Babe Ruth boxing with Jack Dempsey; Ty Cobb at the checkerboard; Casey Stengel with a presidential trifecta: Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson; wartime ballplayers; Negro League stars; a host of other players, fans, and celebrities (including Al Capone, William Jennings Bryan, and Milton Berle!); and Jackie Mitchell, the teenage girl who inspired me to write Diamond Ruby.

“Wonderful... It’s like looking at old postcards, addictive and unpredictable.” —The Arizona Republic Buy now

Baseball 365

Baseball 365 Days

With wonderful color photographs for every day of the year from the archives of Major League Baseball, Baseball 365 Days picks up where Grand Old Game leaves off. It contains spectacular images and fascinating background stories of every great star of the game’s eventful last forty years from Willie Mays and Tom Seaver through George Brett and Ozzie Smith and all the way to Derek Jeter, Ichiro, and David Ortiz. Add fans, surprising spring-training and behind-the-scenes shots, and highlights from great All Star Games and World Series, and you’ve got a book to remind you of why baseball remains America’s Pastime, more than a century after it first came on the scene.

“It’s an overflowing, batter’s-up buffet stocked with goodies for fans of all ages.” —Neil Pond, American Profile Buy now

Baseball Anthology

The Baseball Anthology

The Baseball Anthology is an anthology like no other. More than just a compilation of the finest writing about baseball, it is a history of the game through the sharp, funny, and evocative writings of each era in baseball's first century and a quarter.

Yes, all of the Hall of Fame writers are here: Red Smith, Roger Angell, Roger Kahn, Grantland Rice, Peter Gammons, Bill James, and many others. So are telling autobiographical essays by some of the game's finest players, including Christy Mathewson, Hank Greenberg, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Mike Schmidt, and Nolan Ryan.

Accompanied by more than 300 stunning and rarely seen photographs and illustrations, the ninety-seven pieces in The Baseball Anthology transport readers to the innermost workings of America’s pastime.

“A beautiful and enjoyable baseball time capsule.” —Kirkus Reviews Buy now

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